Level – Siberia

Author: Michael Vorotintcev
Source: vk.com

A huge huge map, in download size. This is because it filled with lots of custom objects. It is designed pretty good with, due to the custom objects, lots of good scenery to explore.

Map 1 garage, 2 gas stations, felling 2, 3 and 5 point loading sawmills.

Screenshots by vk.com

Level Sibir 1 0 By Mihail Vorotintsev
Level Sibir 1 0 By Mihail Vorotintsev
761 MiB
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3 Responses to Level – Siberia

  1. P says:

    allways crashes

  2. Gerard says:

    An Easy map.
    Seemingly low damage ??
    Nice variety
    Not forced to follow all roads

  3. Kjetil Sedeniussen says:

    where is the dozer?

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