Level – Rockvalley Landslide

Author – Pyro-xv

Recently, I received an email from Pyro to review his new map. From the screenshots, I received it looked good but in-game it looked even better! For you trailing type of guys I would look away now but for the hardcore loggers of you. I would keep reading.

To start off with this map is massive with a size of 32×32! Pyro has really used the size to his advantage as there are lots of detail everywhere. It has a bunch of rocks and a bunch of thick mud. I really enjoy the start of the map as it features a sort of small city that you then drive out of into the wilderness.

The one thing I would have liked to see was the use of custom rocks as the stock big_rock_a can get quite boring. Other than that, the map was a blast to drive on.

Notes from the Author:

Hi guys!

I’m a long-time map maker but this is my first Spintires map. After many hours fighting with the Spintires editor, I think this map is ready for release.

Drive carefully and stay focus!


Map size: 32×32
Map type: -Logging mission

-Rescue quest
-Offroading adventure
Stock textures and models

-Ural 4320
-kamaz 6522
-Uaz 469
-Kraz 255 (locked)
-Gaz 66 (locked)
-Zil 130 (need rescue)
-Maz 535 (need rescue)
But feel free to use your favorite mod trucks.

1 Starting garage
1 Garage (locked)
1 Lumber station/kiosk
1 Fuel station
1 objective
4 cloaking

-Lots of rocks
-Heavy mud
-Dangerous cliffs
-Water maze
-“Hidden” offroad
-Good diversity
-Good replayability
-Short logs
-Medium logs
-Long logs
-Mod trucks
-Single player
-Online multiplayer (mostly 2 players)

I hope you will enjoy and have fun, because I did making and testing it!
Please comment so I can improve my next project!

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