Level – Razvedka (exploration)

Author: Alexander Prokhorov

Text by author (as translated by Google Translate):
Legend: somewhere far away in the middle of nowhere, opened a new felling and you can reach it only by barge, our company has received new equipment and was transported by barge to the destination.
The driver, who we had come across in such a hurry that he decided to shorten the path through the swamp in the Urals with garage units there and stuck. And also it run out of fuel.
Objective: To deliver the Urals to the garage and to continue further exploration areas.

Map Retrieved from elaborated landscape, hidden extra slices cut travel time maps. Intelligence points are in hard to reach places.
The map:
intelligence points 9
garages 2 (closed)
types 2
Lesopoval 2 (1 manual loading) is also a place where the logs lying, for loading with 4 points.
Sawmills 6
Additional slots 4 replaceable

Technology on the map:
KAMAZ 6522 tank
ural 4320 with manipulator
ural 4320 garage of the (ends here)


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