Level – Quiet Dell

Author: Spoke01
Source: Oovee

Text by author:

Quiet Dell (v1.0)
Game: …………………….Spintires (03/03/16 version)
File Creation Date: ……08\09\16
Type: ………………………Single player logging
Grid Size: …………………8×8
Custom Made Items: …0 (zero)


Fuel Stations: 1x
Lumber Stations: 1 x
Log Kiosks: 1x
Lumber Objective Stations: 2x
Garage Stations: 1x (unlocked)
Cloaking: 1x

Available Truck Listing:

B-66 (gaz66) (1x)
C-4320 (ural4320) (1x)
(…you can always substitute your own choice of trucks)


Story premise: ( …please read before playing )

Because your Boss is really pissed at you and your bad driving habits (crashes, rollovers, etc.), you’ve been re-assigned to a small area of the main logging forest, away from everyone else – for their safety.
It will be your job to first locate and remove the only “cloaking” in the area and then take a logging truck to deliver the necessary loads to complete your assignment.
With a small area to work, it sounds pretty simple, but your Boss sent you here to teach you a lesson. The area is full of bumpy roads, rocks, mud and water. It will test your ability to get the job done without wrecking anything else and finishing it in a timely matter. If you do well, your Boss said he’d reinstate you with the rest of the crew.


From the Author:

Don’t have a lot of time to play a 3 hour map? Here’s your answer….an 8×8 logging map. I wanted to put as much as possible in a small area and yet have it enjoyable to play. Personally, I think the result was a bit surprising. The file is small, so it D\L’s fast, loads fast and plays fast. Can you do one better?….let’s see it (challenge).

Because this is a small map, everything is tight. You may be able to “cheat” and squeeze through some of the trees to save time, but why bother? Drive the roads and enjoy yourself. The map shouldn’t take much more than 45-60 minutes to finish, if that.

This version has been tested and all’s well. I hope you enjoy playing this map as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please leave your comments on here as to it’s “pros and cons” and what you think of this map. The more comments I get, the more maps I will create.

Ken H. (“spokelips01” or “holbs” on Steam)

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