Maps 1

Level – Pripyat 2

Author: Dmitry Bogelman

From author:

Like the first version, the map is the north-western part of the city . Pripyat What added and modified: – where there was a dried-up lake, now it is slightly flooded, – added space breakthrough of underground sewer pipes – dips in the pavement and other roads with dirt and filth, – added the road – change location of cars, sawmill, (added few new sawmill), – added small details to the map:. lying spruce twigs, mud, swamp – initially you start with three cars: Ural 4320 Kirovets K700 and UAZ 469, but you can change the car of their choice, on the passage of the card will not be affected. standard objects used in the map.Dimensions:. 1600 to 1600 m (32 * 32 in the editor, the maximum size)


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    Jun 24, 2016 4:38 pm

    I downloaded this MAP last night and I must say… I REALLY LIKE IT. Good Fun and still working at it. So many objectives. So many logs to haul. What a ball. Keep up the good work.

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