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Level – Planz Extreme Spintires

Decided to post it here due to demand.

Text and screenshots by author.

Map Description: The map is designed to utilize all the functions of the latest version of SpinTiresPlus 8vhf1. The map features 15 spawn locators that will need to be turned on in the SpinTires Plus settings that help identify the side trails and lumber locations around the map allowing for more functionality in multiplayer and single player games.

Type: Hybrid (Logging and 4×4 Off-road)
Size: Large 32 x 32, Hours of game play
Difficulty: Average to Extreme (Some tweaking may be needed to complete)
Spawn Locators: 15
Lumber Locations: 15
Objectives: 5
Fuel: 3
Garages: 2 (1 locked)
Starting Trucks: 5

Map Story:
The previous company PAVUSS LOGGING went bankrupt logging this area of land do to running an in-efficient operation. Dangerous and poor roads along with hard to reach timber lead to excessively high fuel bills and outrageous overtime expenses.

Your company OOVACUSS RESOURCES was approached by the local bank that foreclosed on the property to see if you could take over the loan. After surveying the land you realize that all you company needs to do to be profitable is lease the existing treacherous roads to the local 4×4 off-road club, build a new network of dirt roads and being that PAVUSS LOGGING has cleared a considerable amount of timber your CFO believes that if you can successfully retrieve long logs from 8 of the 15 lumber locations and deliver them to any of the 5 objectives your company will be able to pay off it’s loan to the bank and cover overhead expenses for the duration of the project. The amount of profit is up to you! Use the option in SpinTires Plus to set the objectives’ points needed to complete to your desired number of points or set it to 18 and watch the roads change over time as you deliver a total of 90 points to complete the operation for max profit. $%$$

The Southern States of America 4×4 Club Story:
The president of your club has leased this land for the club to hold it’s meetings. The main trail dubbed “The Extreme Trail” wasn’t maintained by the previous owners and during the time the property was held in foreclosure, erosion has destroyed the gravel roads making them trails perfect for the casual off-roaders all the way up to the guy in your club with the tweaked out mod with Brutes 44s that can climb all the hills. Your club has access to all the trails and dirt roads so make sure you enjoy hours of trails and beautiful Southern US landscapes.


Download – PlanzXtreme4x4 Download -PlanzXtremeLoggin



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    Mar 22, 2019 8:50 pm

    why cant i download … what just got put on my computer.. why.

  • Reply Editorial Team
    Mar 22, 2019 9:18 pm

    Have you press the download button Download – PlanzXtreme4x4 or Download -PlanzXtremeLoggin ?

    Clean up your browser.

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