Maps 1

Level – PK (Sandpit)

Author – Богельман Дмитрий (Bogelma)

If you like sand and mud this map is for you. It features two massive sand bowls that you can bomb around in and a bunch of muddy logging roads. I do not recommend this map to the people who enjoy serious trailing, but people who love to drive fast will love it (as long as you stay away from the mud)! Did I mention it has a working boom gate at the start? It is really a map where you can just jump on and enjoy.

Map Features Include;
1 Garage
1 Lumber
1 Lumber Drop off
1 Fuel Station
7 Cloaking
3 Spawn in trucks


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    Oct 12, 2018 9:25 am

    This map is absolutely unique in that everything gets stuck. I had viewed certain trucks, like BenArs’ Bigfoot monster truck, Bandit58’s Ural 5920, and Death’s 1938 Bugatti Atlantic, as invincible, omnipotent offroading gods. All of them got permanently stuck here within five minutes.

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