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Hi Guys

Now presenting another logging map, made with the help “WorldMachine” (basic terrain).
It’s simply called “P9” (ProjectNine), because it’s my 9th completely finished level for Spintires.
This time it comes in two versions (_easy and _hard), because some of my testers told me, the first version were way too easy…

I love mountains and i love water, so you will find both at this map 😉
You will find some “major roads” leading across this map, but down the valley you have to find your own way…
Gameplay was optimized for use with stock trucks, but its fully playable with mods (but in this case you’ll lose huge amount of challenge).

Features of _easy version:

– 1 Garage (locked), but with garage points near starting point
– 3 Empty truck slots
– 2 automatic lumber erase and 4 log kiosks (2 different versions)
– 3 goals
– 7 cloaks
– custom objects

What is different in _hard version:

– changed starting point/ start trucks
– no empty truck slots
– garage points to open the garage spread over the map
– removed automatic lumber areas
– 2 additional objectives, including one brand new areal
– replaced most of the wooden bridges with more challenging version
– more/bigger rocks to pass
– roads more narrow and bumpy
– more and deeper mud
– some holes in the water (but still passable everywhere)
– 9 cloaks, all repositioned


Im still using JSGME mod enabler (recommended) so i’ve made the download as “JSGME-pack”
Just copy the content into your MODS folder.

If you prefer to copy mods manually, just copy the content of the including media folder into the media FOLDER (not!) of your spinires.

Thats all…

Now i wish you much fun! :)

Periophtalmus spintirus

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