Maps 2

Level – P8 DPI

Source: Oovee

Background info:
Once again I present to you a pure logging map and the 2nd one made with the help of the
program “World Machine”.

I thought of making it a “free roaming map“ without tracks (the same as the map “Project Seven”), but after a short brainstorming session with the famous map creator, Dexter Paris, we
decided to make it a dual-design and I think it came out very well!

Map info:
Project 8 was designed as a “driving map“ and the difficulty level is moderate. There’s not much mud, but there are some steep and difficult slopes to deal with. Nevertheless, one area of the map does contain partly deep and muddy roads, so driving through open terrain might be a little tough going . 😉

Map features:
– Fullsize Map (32×32)
– 4 Objectives
– 2 Lumber Yards with “Auto Load” and log kiosks (including a new type), plus some loose logs
– There are various ways to navigate the map, but there’s also enough open terrain for you to go exploring
– Numerous “Custom Objects”

Installing Custom Objects:
This download was made as a “JSGME package“ for ease of use if you are working with this mod enabler, but it is also quite easy to place the files manually.
-Using JSGME:
Copy the contents into your game’s MODS folder.
-Using the Manual Method:
Copy the contents of the included \media folder into your game’s \media folder (not!).
I hope all of you enjoy playing this level and feel free to give any feedback, suggestions, bug
reports and even criticism to [email protected]

First, special thanks to my co-author Dexter Paris, who made most of the infrastructure on this
map (Awesome work, man). 😉
Furthermore, i want to thank my testers for their hard work, bug reports and suggestions:
-Holbs, Frankyrules, Super_Scott_82 and all the others i have forgotten 🙂

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  • Reply
    Jun 17, 2016 8:10 am

    A great map, not too difficult but challenging if you chose to right vehicles (don’t go for over powered mods). The video of our experience on the map can be seen here:

  • Reply
    Jun 17, 2016 10:04 am

    Thank you for your feedback and the very impressive review video! 🙂

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