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Level – Open Roads

Author: MoeRon
Source: here

This is a nice map to have in your collection. The maps that are available now are mostly about trail or heavy-duty logging. This map features an open road theme which means long winding roads to go logging on. But don’t be fooled by the clear peaceful map.. it can still hurt your truck pretty good if you get careless!


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    Feb 02, 2016 6:50 am

    Great map from one of my favorite mappers. You would think open asphalt roads seem boring, think again. It can be made tricky if you like hauling big loads.

    This map is made for big long hauls. It takes about an hour to drive one way to the lumber if you don’t fail.

    My suggestion is to use the HET truck with a truck trailer and put an orange Kamaz C type with a 4 point log trailer on the back. Haul it to the lumber zone and put lumber on it, and then haul it back loaded onto the truck trailer.

    Do it with a friend and you have 8 points.

    Another option is to use the HET and take the 12 point long log trailer, which will for sure be a challenge on the way back.

    Very fun!

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