Level – Oak Rocky Road

Author: Nordvind
Source: Oovee

Text from the author:

Hello there,

here is my 2nd map “Oak Rocky Road” wich is larger and has more things to do than on my 1st “shot or not” level.

This map is ROUGHLY based on the real terrain where i used to live when i were kid,
of because i took some artistic liberties and added “swamp” where normally would have been just plain fields,
and the roads on the “mountain” are not really how the paths and so really are in real life :)


Ojebtive on this is the normal “get logs and deliever those..” but this time before you can even start fetching the logs
you need to open the garage with the semitrailer.
But the normal asphalt road is cut because the bridge has collapsed so you have to find another way..

Also a “hidden” truck.. cloaks.. the normal stuff.
And please feedback feedback… feedback is important.

Game starts with:
kamaz6522 with semitrailer
and uaz469.

And big thanks for my friend Pyros for testing and helping to find bugs.

Level Qtnv Oak Rocky Road V1
Level Qtnv Oak Rocky Road V1
23.7 MiB
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4 Responses to Level – Oak Rocky Road

  1. Pedro says:

    If you change the cars you wont be able to open garage
    at least it was my problem
    no garage trailers even

  2. Cybber says:

    I think creator forget to place Wood .. 😀

  3. Ilkka says:

    This is a decent map that you can use for exploring,

    there seemed not to be any logging available, not at least any logging stations.

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