Level – Muradyum

Author: Sinitsyn Vladislav (Vladislav)

I can write up something but the guys at did a good job already so here goes:
Map “Muradymskoe Gorge” – another picturesque corner of the highlands!
Archived two “level_muradyum” Card (light) and “level_muradyum_hard” (complex).

On the map: 3 slots for your mods (start), garage, gas station, felling and point loading, 5 sawmills,
10 intelligence points. Any support vehicle (a few).
Garage of the light-version of the need to find (on a complex truck is seen on a map).
In the version of “level_muradyum_hard” no felling, 2 manual loading zone 2 refueling and 4 sawmills,
complicated gameplay and a lot of dirt (slightly hidden mud for stability in the difficult areas of the road).

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