Level – Lake Welcome

Author: Rough Rider
Source: Oovee

Text and screenshot by author:

This is my first map, Lake Welcome. This is the first of my series of maps based out of North Carolina. This map may look like It’s nothing but lake, but where there isn’t lake, there are plenty of trails like one would find in my backyard. I really enjoy the west coast maps that we have on Spintires, and I decided that I should make some more Southeast/east coast influenced maps. At Lake Welcome you can typically find more mud and less rocks. I set this map out to be well, boringly realistic. Recently we’ve had a few maps come out that are on the extreme end of the offroad spectrum. What I set out to do on this map is make a map that truly feels like you would be going around a lake in Real life. And I tried to achieve the best quality of atmosphere while having plenty of diversity as well. There is something for everybody on this map. The little track was designed for All the Prerunner type trucks.

I don’t recommend grabbing the”best” vehicles for this map. To get the most out of this map use something practical and you might have some real fun.

This map uses Tim1’s rocks as well as Spun’s rocks originally from Terra Verde ( Thanks Guys!)

Thanks to everyone who play tested the map.

SmarOneNine ( Man you really made me want to finish this thing )

As Well as Spun and his crew ( it was cool to get Accepted by the community and have some good feedback )

You can expect more to come soon From me:

Rough Rider

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