Maps 1

Level – Homeland

Author: MadGhost3251
Source: Oovee

Text copied from Oovee:

A small map that will keep objective players busy for awhile :)

Story: A massive storm has left your Lumber Yard underwater but its business as usual you have 3 large orders to fill to keep “afloat” pun intended, When your done with that move your remaining lumber to your new yard. Keep a tow vehicle on standby near the lumber yard (you never know where there could be a big hole in that muddy brown water Mwahahaha) 4 Objectives, and all the Necessities Have fun!

This map was originally designed with custom objects so it is a little dull at the moment i will release the custom objects version when they are supported for MP

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    Jan 16, 2016 2:40 pm

    Hi thx for the map
    fyi that custom object in maps already work u just have to start the game to the main menu THEN put in the map in the folder and you can create a game if people want to join they have to do the same thing starting the game without the map then putting them in the folder while the game is at main menu then join on the server list or directly on your friend name
    sorry bad english

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