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Level – Heavens Gate V2

Author: Spoke01
Source: Oovee

Screenshot and text by author:

Welcome to the NEW & IMPROVED “Heaven’s Gate” v2.0 :D (compressed using 7z)
This is the map I tried to do when I created the original Heaven’s Gate v1.1. Now that I’m a bit more experience in using the Editor, I decided to go back and redo this map the way it should have been done in the first place.There are more roads, paths, clearings, bridges, etc. than before, but most of your driving will still be “freestyle”. Plus, because of numerous requests, I finally learned to do MUD. I tried not to make it non-drivable, but just enough to make it a challenge. I’ve added more cloakings and repositioned a lot of them so they weren’t as easy to uncloak as they were in the first version, but still very accessible.


*** The water is still very deep in most places away from the shore, so try to stay in the center of the roads and paths. If you sink your truck(s), there’s a good chance you’ll never get it out without “rescuing” it.
*** Make sure you have a decent “Rescue Truck” handy for those times rescuing is neccessary.
*** You can do all of your “scouting” with the A-469 (uaz469). I’ve driven all over the map many times with the little bugger, removed all of the cloakings and discovered everything that is “not in plain sight” with it.
*** You will be using the winch, especially when your truck is fully loaded with logs.
*** I recommend installing and using “Spintires Plus” ( It makes the camera is so much nicer to use, plus the electric winch option is really handy. Read and understand the options available.
*** Using the gearbox shifted to Low3 will help in both driving through the mud, rough roads, paths, etc. and for climbing hills.
*** Watch out when driving between land masses using “The Snake Bypass” :ph34r: . It is an unforgiving and a treacherous path to drive on. It will help save a lot of driving time, but don’t veer off of the path!! It is NOT recommended for use by loaded lumber trucks! (…now, there’s a real challenge – lol)
*** Dirt Paths do not show up well in maps, so keep your eyes open for them.
*** Besides the A-469, there are 4x empty slots for the truck(s) of your choice at the unlocked Garage.
*** NO CUSTOM OBJECTS, nor TRUCKS, are included with this map. :)


TRUCKS (in-map):

1x – A-469 (uaz469)
1x – C-4320 (ural4320)
1x – B-130 (zil130)
1x – D-535 (maz535)
4x – Open truck slots at the starting garage for any original or custom vehicles ;)


4x – Objective lumber delivery stations
2x – Garages (one unlocked – one locked)
2x – Fuel stations
9x – Cloakings
1x – Lumber station (standard auto-load)
2x – Lumber kiosks (manual load)


Put the 2 included files (.dds & .stg) into the “levels” folder and play the game. :wacko:
If you already have the first version (v1.1) of this map, delete the .dds & .stg files for it and replace them with the included ones.

Enjoy yourself and please leave some sort of feedback on…whether positive or otherwise. B)

Ken H. – (spoke01 on


What’s New in Version v2.0

  • Complete redo of the original v1.1
  • (…this is NOT HG2. HG2 is a completely different map)
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    Sep 12, 2017 7:12 am

    This is a great map. I specially like the shortcut that gives a great challenge. And yes you can drive it trough with the loaded lumber truck as well. Also the map has a nice balance, it is hard but not too hard and if you make a mistake, the blame is in you and not in the map.

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