Level – Grand Lake

level_grand_lake preview

Author – Chris Nelson

Description/Author Notes:

level_grand_lake is a custom logging map for the latest version of Spintires.  Check out the preview video here:

It’s been a wet winter, and we had to put deliveries on hold and move most of our trucks to high ground. Now it’s time to get our trucks back to the garages and get our customers’ loads delivered.

This is a huge map with lots of areas to explore. There isn’t much mud, but careful driving is required to avoid a truck in the lake.

Features of Map:

– Garages – 2
– Trucks at spawn – 2
– Fuel Stations – 1
– Objectives – 5
– Lumber Points – 2
– Cloaks – 13
– Requires Spintires+ – No

For more fun, try these extra challenges:

Remove all 13 cloaks.
Unlock all 13 trucks.
Rescue and repair the Maz E-7310.
Complete the objectives without changing any vehicle addons.
+ Deliver a full load with each of the 4 log-carrying trucks.
Find and deliver all loose logs (4 short, 3 medium, and 2 long).
Hint: there is a path to every clearing.
Deliver at least 8 points of lumber from each of the two lumber areas.
Estimated time to complete all goals: 5-10 hours

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