Maps 27

Level – Geocaching II

Author: V12

V12 already made a Geocaching themed map with custom caches instead of the black vortex. And here is the successor to that map. Harder and more difficult then the other map this one will keep you occupied for a few hours or more. Be prepared to try it again and again before you succeed in 1 run. The map features the custom cloacking points, custom object, a rapid river which is apparently uncrossable, waterfalls and custom buildings including a airport setup.

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  • Reply
    Jun 24, 2015 6:01 pm

    почему скачав эту карту у меня вид из кабины пропал

  • Reply
    Jun 25, 2015 11:07 am

    Dear Vitalij,
    delete file icon_camera.xml from MEDIA\MESHES\ENV
    then clear game cache and HoodCam will be available by clicking on the camera icon.

  • Reply
    Jun 25, 2015 7:36 pm

    UAZ рулит

  • Reply
    Jun 25, 2015 9:01 pm

    Tried everything but keeps coming up with ‘game files missing please reinstall game’ ;-(

    • Reply
      Jun 25, 2015 9:06 pm

      Then do so. Use your steam client to reinstall the game to the latest stable.

  • Reply
    Jun 25, 2015 9:51 pm
    • Reply
      Jun 27, 2015 11:03 am

      It was 196 minutes of pure offroad expedition. 🙂

  • Reply
    Jun 26, 2015 6:27 pm

    Is there a maximum number of maps that can be added to the game?

  • Reply
    Jun 28, 2015 1:52 am

    These Geocaching Maps (1&2) are AWESOME… I just wish the tunnels and holes in walls were a little bigger. You can’t fit a Buggy, Truggy, or hardly anything with enough power to complete the map through them. Great maps though. Loads of FUN. More, More, More with bigger holes to drive through 😀

    • Reply
      Jun 28, 2015 10:51 am

      I made this maps especialy for UAZ, not for moded supercars.

      • Reply
        Jun 30, 2015 5:35 pm

        Understood V12… was trying to use the 87 Jeeps Spun made, not a supercar, but thx for the reply. Keep up the stellar work. I look forward to Geocaching #3, and #4, and on and on and on. I have so much fun with these. Only maps I really play anymore 😀 THANKS AGAIN !!!
        The little yellow Suzuki Samurai (king sami) is a blast on these maps too.

        • Reply
          Jul 01, 2015 9:03 am

          Now, I’m collecting ideas for GC#3 🙂 I have some crazy, very crazy ideas…

          • Axle
            Jul 02, 2015 2:24 am

            I look forward to it. ETA???

            Jul 02, 2015 10:54 am

            What do you mean by ETA? The level is available.

          • Axle
            Jul 03, 2015 5:41 am

            ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
            When will GC#3 be available for download?
            What is your time frame on completion?
            No Rush… Just curious. THX for the great maps.

  • Reply
    Jul 02, 2015 11:18 am

    GC #3 is not available yet. But it comes soon, with deadly devil’s traps.

  • Reply
    Jul 03, 2015 10:44 am

    I need some good and unseen ideas for map. ETA 3 weeks 🙁

    • Reply
      Jul 03, 2015 11:03 am

      Well there are large logging maps now. And trail maps. All situated in the woods. There are some trial maps, with boulders or logs to crawl over but they are all small scale. A really large scale truck trial map with custom objects would be nice.

      Basicly a LARGE Top Truck themed map: as a example.

  • Reply
    Jul 03, 2015 5:19 pm

    HI V12
    please can you tell me which parameter need change on wheels brute tractor wheels and tattoo tractor Wheel set to avoid the sinking of this wheels over the Surface of the larges bridges
    maybe the sofftness or it is a mistake from the map editor and game imposible to fix

  • Reply
    Nov 17, 2015 6:04 pm

    Is there only a UAZ to use in this map? In the media/classes/trucks folder there is a tatra and maz listed but they dont show up in the map… im wondering why all these extra folders are here when all you get in game is the map itself??

  • Reply
    Nov 25, 2015 3:09 am

    having trouble downloading map it downloads as a link back to the site??

  • Reply
    Reece Raner
    Dec 20, 2015 12:22 am

    what is the vehicle in the screenshots

  • Reply
    Jan 12, 2016 3:38 am

    Otra vez de nuevo , no puedo eliminar el punto de control de la torre , QUE QUIERES QUE USE UNA BICICLETA , un mapa casi perfecto pero siempre cometes el mismo error .

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