Level – DPI WoodPecker

Author: Dexter Paris
Source: Oovee

A nice little map. Not the biggest but it does show the potential this author has. It keeps you entertained despite its small size and the promises good things should Dexter decide to go big!

Level DPI Woodpecker Latest Stable
Level DPI Woodpecker Latest Stable
17.7 MiB
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2 Responses to Level – DPI WoodPecker

  1. Chris says:

    Beautiful does not have to be big! A great logging map and it starts with the best puzzle in any Spintires map I’ve seen so far. A puzzle which, as one of my MP teammates pointed out, would have been made somewhat easier if one of us had bothered to read the instructions provided first.

    No log kiosks so it’s Casual mode only, but this is a really well thought-through map that encourages tactical play in a fun way. Don’t be too tempted by shortcuts, and don’t drive too fast over anything you can’t see over.

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