Level – DPI Olesja River

Author: DexterParis
Source: Oovee

»Olesja River« ist a fictional place where several small rivers from the nearby mountains merge together. After weeks of heavy rainfalls the water level has risen and forces the truck drivers to cross the rivers again and again.

– predominantly flat terrain
– different road types with junctions and alternative routes
– 1 garage (locked)
– 2 fuel stations
– 1 lumber area with 3 types of loading
– 4 objectives (1/1/2)
– no cloaks
– all trucks on the map are unlocked

Exchangeable trucks
– C-6522 KamAZ
– C-4320 Ural

Other trucks on the map
– A-469 UAZ
– B-66 GAZ
– C-255 KrAZ
– C-4320 Ural
– C-6522 KamAZ (with garage semitrailer)
– D-535 MAZ
– E-7310 MAZ
– K-700 Kirovets

Altough the map has 4 objectives it’s easy to play and enjoyable even in hardcore mode.

Have a good time on »Olesja River« 🙂

Dexter Paris


This map makes use of the media library by voto1979 v2.0 or higher.

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