Level – Dan Trunika

Author: a Marshall

Test from Screenshots by me.

Map of maximum size 32 * 32-

Dam in the emergency state, ravaged depot, workers fled.
A team of rescuers with equipment can not travel from the port, the bridge substitution, Vakha flying at full speed crossing finish ditched last Ural with crane and left the forest. The last hope for the local, the superintendent of the forest, Slavik, it has a low cost technique in which he travels on Forestry, clearing the path of stones at the entrances to tunnels (2 points cargo) and hemp (2 points cargo), left black loggers, collecting crane trailer in ATV all-terrain vehicle GAZ-66, taking advantage of the needs.

Two variants of the beginning .:
1. To go on the w / d station sorting, remove the equipment from the train and persuade the team to return and fix the alarm condition of the dam.
2. Come on ATV-terrain vehicle GAZ-66 with a crane at the port, a ferry to finish and skip the rescue team, they know their stuff quickly and will put everything in its place.

On the map:
garage-2 (closed),
felling 1
in terms of intelligence-10
point ponruzki-3 (semi-automatic, mechanical)

Technique: The Urals 4320_GDS, KrAZ 258_SGS, ATV Gaz-66, uaz_trunika, w / d trolley .
Four cars starting replaceable and do not affect the plot.

Grateful for the help all engineering actions and most of the models (DmitriyGDS)

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