Maps 1

Level – Childs Play

Author: Spoke01

Text and screenshots by author:


* Created for Spintires version 03/03/16
* Map v1.0
* Creation Date 07\09\16
* An easy logging map for children – Ages 5-9
* Grid Size 8×8 (16×16)
* Custom items:0 (zero)

1x Fuel Station
1x Garage Station (open)
1x Cloaking point (easily found)
1x Auto-load lumber yard (no kiosks)
1x Lumber objective

Available Truck Listing:
uaz469 (1x)
zil130 (1x) (on the map)
Empty truck slots at garage (3x)


From the Author:

*** This map was designed for use by children ages 5-9.
*** The roads are easy to navigate, but there are a few bumps now and then.
*** A short drive through a shallow river section is included.

Every map I’ve seen created for ST is usually hard to drive on and more difficult to finish. As far as I can tell, this is the first map created for young children just starting out learning to play the game. I felt something like this might be needed for the parents who play ST, but can’t let their children join because the maps are just too hard and complicated. The map is easy to navigate and has no “surprises” on it. Once a child gets used to playing on this map, they will be ready to hit the “Big-Time” maps with you. Personally, I wish I would have had something like this when I was a child.

A child can learn:
1. …how to “un-cloak” a map 10. …camera positioning
2. …about driving over bumpy roads 11. …about map boundaries
3. …about driving through water 12. …about loading and unloading lumber
4. …about avoiding rocks 13. …the use of the mini-map (F1)
5. …about gearing options 14. …how to drive at night
6. …how to refuel a truck 15. …about staying near the center of the road
7. …about getting repairs at a garage 16. …about truck-to-truck rescues (if needed)
8. …about garage “rescues” 17. …how to winch (if needed)
9. …about damage control 18. …about mouse or controller use

Please leave your comments on here as to it’s “pros and cons” and what you think of this map.
The more comments I get, the more maps I will create.

ENJOY !!!!!

Ken H.
(“spokelips01” or “holbs” on Steam)

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    Sep 10, 2016 9:35 am

    Cheers for this, great idea.

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