Level – Kentpark

Spintires Map Peview

Author – Kent_BoBo

First of all, WM and I both agreed that there is of potential for BoBo and his map making. Just from the quality of the trails and the way how he used the Forest Rough texture instead of the dirt road.  To the untrained eye this may not seem like something that would gauge somebody potential but to WM this was a key sign.

The map can pretty bland but the main part (the trails) were pretty spot on. This is quite and easy fix so I won’t deduct to many marks. Great work Bobo on a really good first map.

Author Comments:
This is the first map I’ve made to ”completion”  I don’t like the visuals of it but it’s fun IMO, but I’m done with it and a few friends kept telling me to release it, so here it is.
I’d recommend using Spintries+ for it and use a truck with a fast high gear.

Features of the map:
2 garages.
7 Truck spawns (+ 2 others)
1 fuel station.
No objective.
No lumber yards
No cloaks

Recommended Trucks:

  • 1981 Toyota Hilux –
  • Bregal Toyota Land Cruiser –
  • 1979 Chevy Luv –

Spintires+ Download Link –

P.S. Uploading for this next week will probably be quite delayed. I hope to be back on top of uploads in the next 2 weeks.





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