Level – Aussie 4×4 Fun Park

Author: Aussie4x4Pro
Source: Oovee

A fun little map with just one goal, trying to complete driving around it without crashing your truck into a tree or tipping over.

Level Aussie4x4offroadfun
Level Aussie4x4offroadfun
4.4 MiB
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5 Responses to Level – Aussie 4×4 Fun Park

  1. Anonymous says:

    how are you driving brutes dodge is it out yet

  2. Aussie4x4pro says:

    hey spintire.nl thank you for putting me map up

    i hope u all liked it and i am making another map and bigger

    u all have a great day

  3. powerhouse says:

    how do I get that military looking chevy in the first pic

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