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Level – A469 Challenge

Author: Spoke01

Text and screenshots by author:


From the Author:

*** This is NOT a normal Spintires map!!
*** It is a 1 LAP, TIMED CHALLENGE using the A-469 vehicle.
*** If you don’t think you’d enjoy something like this, don’t bother D/L’ing it.

*** There are NO lumber options, NO cloakings, NO hidden objectives, NO grass paths, etc., etc. There’s one continuous dirt road for drivers – period.
*** This map is very hilly, with rises and drops unlike any map you may have driven on before (…think BRAKES).
*** There’s water, rocks, weird bridge sections, trees, drop-off ditches , etc. and enough other challenges to make a healthy person sick.
*** YOU WILL BE WINCHING, so be ready for it and remember…It’s not the winch that saves you, it’s your selection of winch points.
*** This is why I called it a challenge. It’s for fun and is a nice time-killer.



1. To finish 1(one) lap around the map’s course safely using the A-469 (uaz469) in as little time as possible.
2. Post your best time(s) in a text message on the Oovee board where this map D/L is located for others to see.
a) Use some sort of digital timer (cell phone or computer app) to keep track of your precise, elapsed time.
B) An in-game clock is displayed, but it doesn’t seem to be too accurate.


* Created for Spintires version 03/03/16
* Map v1.0
* Creation Date 05\16\16
* A Single lap, timed challenge type map
* Custom made items:0 (zero)

Fuel Stations: 1x (not really needed)
Garage Stations: 1x (unlocked)

Available Truck Listing:
uaz469 (1x) (unlocked and ready)
ural4320 (1x) (rescue truck)
Empty truck slots at garage (3x)

There is a longer description with “Unofficial” Rules in the D/L file.

ENJOY and let us all know how you did…

Ken H.
(“spokelips01” on Steam)

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    Jul 05, 2016 8:58 pm

    Awesome map! I really enjoy these types of maps.

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