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Leleisk Reservoir Map by nikola4232

Author nikola4232

Author Note

My new map is “Leleyskoe Reservoir”.
Map size 1024m x 1024m.
On the map there are marshy and hilly terrain, 3 settlements.

Somewhere in one of the corners of our vast homeland is the town of “Leleysk”, which lives thanks to the work at the hydroelectric power station, built on the “Leleya” river, and the forest industry.
The passage of heavy loaded equipment through the dam is prohibited, so foresters have to look for detours among the hills, pits, mud and swamps in the beauties of “Leleisky Bor”.
There are two garages on the map to open them you need to find a van with garage parts; to find, repair and refuel URAL, who was killed by roads.
Garage units are located in the village of Small Vyuniki.
The village is located not so far from the town “Leleisk”, in which you need to open the first garage.
Further from the city with garage parts you should open a second garage located in the village of “Porotnikovo”, from where you can get much closer to the loading point.
It is not worth googling localities and names, because they do not exist in life. Everything was invented by me, but closer to reality.
The card is made for all-wheel drive default equipment.
Before installing the card, I advise you to clean the cache games due to the fact that the map has a lot of extra. objects.


Features On the Map

– 2 garages (closed);
– 2 fuel stations;
– 7 sawmills;
– Logging with the possibility of auto-loading;
– 3 points for manual loading;
– 10 points of intelligence;
– A lot of different equipment (auto replaced at the start).

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    Oct 14, 2019 5:40 am

    Impossible to play with this map. Sorry! When I want to open in the gane there is a window saying some files missing

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