Kraz 255 Refurbished

Author:  Alexey Baranov


This is fast becoming one of my favourite iterations of the Kraz 255.

The truck itself has had a work-over.  The suspension seems a bit firmer, and doesn’t wallow as much.  I was able to tow a huge load of logs accross the plains, which in its original state, would have been unthinkable.

It seems to be better all around, more power, better traction…  It’s beautifully animated, including drive shafts. There’s a huge selection of add-ons – 15 in total, including things like, winch, bullbars, spotlights, spare tires and fuel, rollcage, etc etc.  Plenty to choose from.  All the add-ons are listed in Russian sadly, but it’s easy enough to sort through.  This truck replaces the standard Kraz in-game.  With this truck you can pretty much go anywhere.  The only thing I’dve like to have seen, is the opening front windscreen as the icing on the cake.  I did notice the semi trailer’s seemed to pop off rather easily. I’m not sure if this has to do with Spintires or if it’s a setting in the xml files.  Either way, a great truck and one I’ll be sure to have on my list of favourites.

Crossing the plains in the areas where it’s particularily boggy, I noticed the Kraz adapts a typical stance – nose up, butt dug into the ground, looking much like an aircraft about to take off – this is how it pulls and pulls and pulls – its just a pleasure to drive…



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