Kamaz 5511

Author: Roman Sonchak

Cab Texture and Dump body: Ilya Ljamin


This feisty little Kamaz replaces the Zil in-game.  It’s a capable wee truck, which sadly only comes with diff lock.

This means you will have to change your driving style to suit – no AWD, which becomes noticeable in deep mud or on steep inclines.

Otherwise, fun to drive, comes with a small assortment of tires and add ons, noticeably a dumper where you can load rocks.  Looks good, gives you load points, but sadly does not move with the tipper, when tipped.  But that’s an Oovee issue, which I’m hoping will be resolved in future.

All in all, nicely animated, fun to drive,

suited to maps like Ezhovo, where there aren’t too many surprises,

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