Kamaz 43101

Author: ronnie

Model and textures: A-50 Black Shark (DCS), ronnie, Paul Zagrebel’nyi Ilya Ljamin.

Addons: A-50 Black Shark (DCS), ronnie, Paul Zagrebel’nyi, STALKER Maxim Pioneer unknown, RedPow.

Wheels: Paul Zagrebel’nyi, ronnie.

This is an awesome wee Kamaz, which is currently set to replace the URAL in-game.  It’s got nice textures, and great animation.  I personally like driving it, because it has much more ground clearance up front, than the standard in-game Kamaz, whose skirting always ends up pushing mud ahead of itself.

The suspension, frame, cabin fan, universal joints, drive winch and various other parts are animated.  There are three sets of wheels, of which the default off road tires are probably the best, not sure I’d ever use the others.  The truck also has 9 addons.  You can transport short logs and boards (nice touch – the logs are birch trees – something you find lots of, in Russian woods).

Its fun to drive, and copes with all but the deepest mud with bravour.  I think I really do prefer it to the standard Kamaz.  It’ll definitely go on my list of favourites.




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