Jeep 1948 CJ2A

Powers2440 1948 CJ2A

Original model Sketchup: Yes this is what I started with! it has come a long way
Engine model : with parts from
Wheels and Tires from Spun, Sir Serious, BruteTerror with their permission
All other Modeling was done by myself. Progress shots or’s-jeep-shop/
Sounds,Textures,and Tuning done by myself

If you would like to support my mod please do so by donating to Child’s Play Charity at this link:
Child’s Play Charity helps get toys, books, and games to children in hospitals around the world. You can find out more at:
This specific link is to a youtuber’s walk-a-thon charity goal. You can learn more at:

Thanks to BruteTerror, Nix, Hazzard, and Spun for testing my mod

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