Mudrunner Mod Maps 1

Inaccessible City Map Version 0.9 – Mudrunner Mod Map

Author of Inaccessible City Map – dmitriy1815

Author Note of the map

Suitable for mono-drive (you can only take 4×4 for intelligence). Read the description before starting the game.

The boat does not work with Spmod (SpintiresMod)!

BOAT SHIPPING 4 long, 9 medium or 8 short – the logs of the load should be placed SBAR FROM the boat, you can not even remove it from the truck – park the boat along the coast. See the video.

BOAT UNLOADED by the nose – logs are thrown off BEFORE the boat (make sure the trailer is level!)
BRIDGE is built from MEDIUM logs – “start” it and pack the logs – a bridge will appear.

You have to bring logs around the neighborhood, as usual, XD. But not everything is so simple and ordinary: you can reach the felling only by water so you will have to take out logs with a boat, catching rafts. And the equipment available to you is only non-four-wheel drive so it will be very difficult to cut around the roads. Keep the dry spots when opening intelligence points!

It is necessary to carry the cargo to the other side of the river, where the mysterious strange city is located, all the bridges to which are broken, and how to drive is incomprehensible. We’ll have to repair bridges and scout the road to the city.


In addition, someone from the local made a joke and hid the garage parts to the most prominent place – you have to sweat to get and open the garage.

The card is in two versions: autumn (multiplayer, 6 sawmills), and summer (single, 3 sawmills).

Features on the map

– a lot of intelligence,
– 6 sawmills (3 in single),
– 2 refueling (one – only for the loading point),
– closed garage
– 5 points of garage parts,
– loading points in the hauling area – you need to take the logs to the pier for the boat,
– 1 auto loading – immediately on the water,
– 4 cars at the start, 5 points of balance. Machines spelled different addons.




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    Aug 15, 2019 11:54 am

    Hello, the game bug when we take the boat, I did a few tens of meters and the game to bug

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