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Gravel Trenches Map Version 25-12-19 by DerEggen

Author of Gravel Trenches Map – DerEggen


Author Notes

On Gravel Coastline, you have shown yourself to be a capable driver. Now your skills are needed elsewhere: summer is drawing to a close, and before new rain floods trenches and streams, you must collect and deliver a few loads of timber. But before you can get started, you must deliver and open two workshops with some supplies. The fuel truck also broke down, find it and take it to the main workshop. Another truck lies in a ditch, try to repair it. Good luck to you!

Difficulty – medium to heavy: rocky terrain, mud paths along the coast / canyons / trenches / streams, narrow and steep paths in the highlands.

Log collection points are widely scattered, paths are difficult, sometimes there is no path, and you must find your own route. Plan your way and choose your car wisely, stocks can be far away.

The theme of the map is similar to Volcano / Island.

To run the map, 4 DLCs are required: Valley, Ridge, American Wilds and Old-timers.

Features On the map

– 2 garages (closed)

– 1 fuel station

– 6 intelligence points

– 1 lumbering 1 loading point 6 random loading points

– 2 sawmills

– 9 cars 3 slots for cars (replaceable)

Map Size

1024 by 1024 meters.

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