Author: Vadim Chugaynov With redesigned suspension and changed throughput and power this Gaz looks amazing. A new cabin color  plus customized light  and new wheels. Features: -5 + addons its default are two kinds of wheels -Custom sound -type of cabin 29-9-16 update – A green body was added – A crane was … Continue reading


Author: Vadim Chugaynov Source: Vadim does it again. A great looking mod based on the next generation of Ural. Somebody kicked the design department of Ural in the ass to wake them up and the next century because this truck sure does look a lot better them the old ones … Continue reading

Oskosh HET 8X8

Author: VDM (Vadim Chugaynov) Source: Vadim delivers a 8×8 HET and it is a very good mod. It had back wheel steering, animation (front shackles) and a list of addons to choose from. The truck has lots of pulling power and looks real good doing it thanks to the texturing … Continue reading

Ural 375

Author: Vadim Chugaynov Source: A superb mod that you just have try once. The might Ural 375. Comes with the default addons and it just rocks. It can haul any load while looking good doing it.

MZKT 7401 Volat

Author: Vadim Chuguynov Source: Massive 8×8 pulling power coupled with rugged looks. That’s what you get when you download this mod. The MZKT 7401 Volat is a impressive piece of machinery ment for 1 thing, pull heavy loads regardless of the terrain. Comes with a list of addons and wheel … Continue reading

Scania Timber Truck 8×8

Author: Vadim Chugaynov Source: With 8×8 traction this beast can really pull heavy loads through the thick mud, stick into low gears and difflock and watch it plow through. Comes with a set of wheels to choose from and some addons to add. Military style textures are added.


Author: Vadim Chuguynov Source: A classic. The M35A2 which comes with a choice in wheels and addons. Looks like a old military truck and drives like one too, no power steering.  One flaw is the placement of the spare tire. That ring on top of the cab is actually where … Continue reading

MTVR 6×6 (wip)

Author: Vadim Chugaynov Source: It’s a test truck meaning it is wip but good enough to post i figured. Excellent details on the truck from texture to suspension. Can pull some good loads and looks ruggid. Very good mod at this wip stage.

Peterbilt 379

Peterbilt 379

Author: Vadim Chugaynov Source: Another Peterbilt, or so i think, from Vadim this time. The other one is by BruteTerror. And this one aint bad. Good list of addons to choose from including a nice sleeping unit. Good overall performance and looks. A good mod to have in your car … Continue reading

MAN 6×6

Author: Vadim Chugaynov Source: A nice MAN truck to play with. Good texturing, animation and suspension. Can pull heavy loads and a has a nice list of addons to choose from. Ripped probably but it is worth the download.