International Harvester of Sorrow

Author: Stetson If you are in need of a tow truck. And you need it yesterday then look no further as this flatbed can take your offroad rig on its back and go offroading without problem. It looks like something the Addams family might have driven if they were in … Continue reading

Jeep YJ – 40OZJuggy

Author: Stetson Text from author: this mod uses Spintires+ version 3, so without it some features may not work. you can get it here( newer versions should work too, but the truck was tested on v3 its setup as little bit crawler little bit bouncer little bit mudder, so basically … Continue reading


Author: Stetson Source: Oovee This is a wannahave in your garage. A chopped down and heavily modified Landrover crawler. Cut down bogger tires and a nice shark painted onto it make this a car to take notice off. It has grip and an appetite for difficult terrain. It has a … Continue reading

Ford Excursion 2door

Author: Stetson Source: Oovee A excellent pair of mods. The Ford Excursion in a bling and cop version so you could potentially play cops and robbers. Both cars perform really good, although the bling version is better suited for good offroading.

Screamin Blue

Author: Stetson Source: Oovee Text copied from Oovee: here’s Screamin Blue. there are two xmls. its not an exact copy of the real truck but its close. to install copy the media folder into spin tires, probably does not work in multiplayer(it may idk) specs(ingame): Standard.xml roughly 500hp chevy 383 … Continue reading