Ural Next

Authors: Max Dmitriev, RedPoW also used the original model from the game. Features: -5 different truck -15 of their Addons+default -4 kinds of wheels -different animations(steering, suspension, frame, tents,parts of add-ons,small animations Having driven this truck on some pretty demanding maps i can say that with the right driver and … Continue reading

ZiL-131 (Chernobyl edition)

Author:  Dmitriy Romanenko Model: OOVEE, Maxim Gordeev, Maxim Dmitriev Textures: OOVEE. Dmitriy Romanenko.Maxim Dmitriev Source: vk.com Just what you need when your area is infected. A nice comfy lead clad Zil 131. Enjoy getting nuked in this! screenshots from vk.com

Tatra 805 (paid version)

Author: Max Dmitriev This truck is the Tatra 805 and it is a thing of beauty. Good detailing and texturing and a working driveshaft. A whole list of addons to choose from such as a carriage, radio and garage addon. The truck also come with off road and normal tires … Continue reading

Kamaz 65226

Author: Lexan, Max Dmitriev, RedPoW Source: vk.com This is the kind of mod i really like to see. It just looks massive and powerfull. It can be fitted with the default addons, no extra wheels. This truck has good pulling power and even though it is on road tires it will … Continue reading

Ural 4320-3111-78

Author: Max Dmitriev /  Dmitry Romanenko Source: vk.com Max and Dmitry make good mods when they work together and this is proof. Really good looking truck with a impressive addon list that actually all work. Check it out and be sure to try the big tube trailer. It’s massive and a … Continue reading