Upgraded HMMWV

Author: ChameleonHUM Source: vk.com The regular Hummer is a beast and this is its evil twin. Upgraded tires, suspension, winchbumper and extra lights makes this is a off road monster. If used correctly it can conquer most terrain. I enjoyed riding this truck a lot and can recommend it a 100%. … Continue reading

Koenigsegg Monster truck

Author: ChameleonHUM Source: vk.com Like the Lambo monster this mod is just for fun. Basicly the same carriage as well so you now get to trash an Egg around a map ;). Have fun!

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Monster truck

Author: ChameleonHUM Source: vk.com This one classifies as just weird as anything out there. It is a Lambo Sesto Elemento Monster truck. Try it out on any of the raceway tracks for fun!

H1 Hummer 6×6

Author: ChameleonHUM Source: vk.com This is a nice Hummer to add to the collection. It’s a H1 Hummer 6×6 and it is a beast! Doors can be added and a raptor roofrack with more lights. Give it whirl and enjoy conquering almost any terrain.

H3 Limousine

H3 Limousine

Author: ChameleonHUM Source: Spintires.net What is even more badass then a normal H3 Hummer? A Stretch Hummer! This is a limousine H3 Hummer. And it behaves like its little brother. Spare wheel addon and a minibar can be installed. You might think this is no good offroad but be ready … Continue reading