Tattoo’s Spintires: MudRunner GearBoxes v1.0

Author – Tattoo Hazzards Review: Although the shifter in MudRunner is greatly improved it still isn’t the easiest to select the right gear. Tattoo’s custom gearboxes make sure you get short, crisp shifts every time. They come in four flavors: Skull/T-Bar with stock shift pattern or Skull/T-Bar with custom shift … Continue reading

Local Host Spintires Editor 4gb ram increase

Author – Localhost The coding wizard Localhost has just released this amazing patch for the Spintires Editor. Map makers who intend to make super detailed maps you need this file 🙂 Author Comments: I finally found a DRM-friendly way to enable the Large Address Aware (LAA) option for Spintires’ editor. … Continue reading

Graphical Enhancement – Spintires(NG)

Spintires(NG) Graphical Enh Jeep

Author: TeKno Another pretty Impressive graphics mod, deffinatley worth a go Author Comments: Spintires(NG) is a graphic enhancer. It uses the program “SweetFx 1.5.1” to achieve this. In terms of FPS hit it will very depending on PC power. If you have a decent PC with a 1GB GPU then … Continue reading

More Dynamic Mud and Temps Tweaks Spintires Mods

Author – TemplarGFX This mod is quite cool – really improves the look and feel of the mud and various other elements of the game. I recommend you check it out. Although I think a video explains this the best: More info on what the mod does: More Dynamic Mud … Continue reading

8up Winch Line Tweak

Author – 8upLocal This is a bit of a novelty item for Spintires but anyways here is the winch line from 8up and I think he has done a great job at replicating a steel winch line. So, If you want to take the personalisation of the game to the next level, … Continue reading

Meshchora Model Pack

Meshchora Model Pack

Author – pokemone   This is just a bunch of objects you can put into your next map. All of them look great and load in instantly. Most of these objects are houses and benches. It also includes a couple of light fittings. How to install: Simply,  copy them into the … Continue reading

RoughRider Menu Pack April 2017

Author – RoughRider Source – OOVEE Ever felt like you needed to customise your home screen in Spin tires? Well now you can with these two new menu scenes from Rough Rider. The installation process is very simple and really does make the menu look 1000 times better. Although, it … Continue reading

Spin Tires Plus

Author: Localhost Source: Oovee Text from the author: SpintiresPlus is a collection of hacks for Spintires meant to alter some of the hardcoded elements. Features: v8: Forum thread -Constraints drivable outside the advanced menu -Speed improvement (mostly on menus) -Garage/fuel/objective/etc icons on the external minimap -Customizable truck-trailer link strength -New, … Continue reading

Remove bothersome textures

Unzip these to a folder and add to texturecache zip to remove the bothersome Mp ghost locator,film grain,dotted lines at garage and fuel areas and remove block border texture that rotates around the edge of the map… These are compatible in MP with or without spintires plus… anything in Texturecache … Continue reading

DCMT Rock Friction Fix

Author: DrGoNZo1489 This mod has been asked for by the community and so I’ve taken the liberty in releasing my version. This tweak increases the friction of the games “big_rock_a” model as well as the “small_rock_a-c” models and the “fallen_spruces” used by the plant distributions. Installs with JSGME just extract … Continue reading