Less Fog, Increased View Distance

Less Fog, Increased View Distance

Author: Skull Source: Oovee Text by author: Taken from forum post: got a new Media.xml setup, thx to Draconus for helping me improve on it after i gave him a copy to see what he thinks. here are some screens with default ST with Max settings, removes some fog but … Continue reading

Realistic Rock Pack

Author: Tim1 Source: Oovee Text and screenshots by author: This is a pack of 8 new rock models for map makers to use. There are several texture variations to suit different biomes. I have included a small map in the download so you can take a quick look before using … Continue reading


Author: Mod design and texture design and  lua script code/Draconus Original particle spawning idea /steam use idea /Marijn Sounds done by/ Sid Source: Spintires.nl The Rain mod. What it does is best seen in these screenshots. It adds rain to the game including thunder in the distance. This mod is … Continue reading

Spin Tires Editor Object

Source: vk.com This is a pack of object which can be used with the Spin Tires Editor. A totall of 91 object ranging from houses to trucks to signs. Use them to make a map more interesting. Info from Vitaly: 1. Unzip the downloaded file; 2. From the resulting folder … Continue reading


Hydrowasul had crafted a rather neat feature for any map that has a off road park theme. A seesaw. Used for practicing balancing your car. You drive on it and try to balance it. If you succeed you are master of your vehicle. This download is for those who make … Continue reading

Snow falling mod

Author: Draconus43077 Source: Spintires-mods.eu The Winter Theme mod is coming but for now we have this falling snow mod. It uses the exhaust as a trigger to spawn the snow so if you use a mod without exhaust add one or else the snow will fall but not follow the … Continue reading

Twigs 2.0

Author: PressureLine Source: right here Remember those annoying twigs? The kind that smashes into the underside of your vehicle causing damage? Would you not like to smash them into tiny pieces? Well now you can :D. Download the zip, put the files into the correct folder (see structure in zip) … Continue reading