Local Host Spintires Editor 4gb ram increase

Author – Localhost The coding wizard Localhost has just released this amazing patch for the Spintires Editor. Map makers who intend to make super detailed maps you need this file 🙂 Author Comments: I finally found a DRM-friendly way to enable the Large Address Aware (LAA) option for Spintires’ editor. … Continue reading

Marijn Spring Weight Tool – 3DS Max

Author – Marijns95 This is a must for all modders who want to get into animating coil spring suspension.  It is really easy to use and install. The only issue I have had is the last weight on the spring sometimes messes up but this is a easy fix. This … Continue reading

NTCore 4Gb exe patcher

This gem is what we need. It is a patcher which basicly takes the .exe from Spin Tires and tweaks it so it can use 4Gb of memory instead of 2Gb which gives you a smoother ride in ST. Made by NTCore it does what the author says: I originally … Continue reading

Heat remover

Author: Draconus We all know the game has this ‘realistic’ exhaust heat which you can see after pressing the pedal to the metal. This little download can take care of that. Just download it and place the particles folder in the steamapps\common\Spintires\Media\classes\ folder. Before: After:


Author: Tattoo Source: Oovee forum The gearboxes have been restored to working order using the work of this good man. Watch his Youtube video and then download the zip at the bottom of this page. H pattern gearbox Hurst shifter with Skull This is a really cool one. The eyes … Continue reading

Level convert tool

Author: AlexNez Source: vk.com You can expect a lot of the maps on this site to be updated asap as AlexNez has been kind enough to release this tool which can convert maps to the latest stable build of Spin Tires. I am going to do my best to convert … Continue reading

Set borderless fullscreen

Set borderless fullscreen

Text copied from Oovee forum: A tiny tool to toggle Spintires (and other applications’) window border. Useful when you want to play in windowed mode without borders, or when you have multiple screens which are not set up in eyefinity etc. Values are automatically filled in, but you can always … Continue reading

Spin Tires Demo 2009

Stumbled upon this on the big web. The demo from way back in time (2009) which is basicly the origins of Spin Tires. Only 18mb in size this demo is so i advice to download it and play it. It’s the best way the recognize the amount of progress that … Continue reading

MAZ 535 Goodies

Author: Gabe / Marcel79 The MAZ 535 looked a little naked and so Gabe and Marcel79 have been busy in his workshop providing us with this. A package filled with goodies for the 535. Protection cage, spare wheels and extra wheel sets to choose from. Transforming the Maz 535 from … Continue reading