Level – P9_doublepack

Text and screenshots from Schlammspringer Hi Guys Now presenting another logging map, made with the help “WorldMachine” (basic terrain). It’s simply called “P9” (ProjectNine), because it’s my 9th completely finished level for Spintires. This time it comes in two versions (_easy and _hard), because some of my testers told me, … Continue reading

Level – P8 DPI

Source: Oovee Background info: Once again I present to you a pure logging map and the 2nd one made with the help of the program “World Machine”. I thought of making it a “free roaming map“ without tracks (the same as the map “Project Seven”), but after a short brainstorming session … Continue reading

Level – Project Six

Author: Schlammspringer Source: Oovee Text copied from Oovee site: The Story: After a hard day’s work and delivering a container full of wooden shoes from the local factory, you are looking forward to get home, eat something and then play a round of SpinTires on your new computer. But then, … Continue reading

Map – Project Two

Author: Schlammspringer Source: here Hello offroad truckers This map was made to be a “working” map, so don’t expect anything for crawling, trailing or racing! It’s no hardcore map but has some tricky edges. Furtermore, you’ll need some basic craning skills, because there is only manual loading of logs and a … Continue reading

Map – ProjectOne

Author: Schlammspringer Source: Oovee A map with an interesting starting point. You start on an island in the middle of the water. Getting to shore can be done but drive carefully. Nice build of the terrain with a few nice challenges like an unfinished bridge near the mountains. Trying to … Continue reading