Level – Warzone

Author: RiskyWhiskey This map is themed on what a terrain would look like when something stupid like a war comes along and messes things up. It feels like it has been bombed and then deserted. Great layout of the terrain which leaves plenty of room to just free roam.

Level – Lost Worlds

Author: {B.A.O}~RiskyWhiskey Indeed a map true to its name. You can get lost on this trying to found a route that will not bog you down or tries to drown your truck ;). Lots of obstacles to overcome. Lots of fun to be had on this map.

Level – Oakridge Park

Author:{B.A.O}~RiskyWhiskey If you want a challenging trail map then try this one for size. It is nice in size and offers many many obtacles and terrain layout that wil keep you occupied for quite some hours.I could write down  a whole block of text but this is one map you … Continue reading

Level – Everglades

Author: {B.A.O}~RiskyWhiskey This is a wet map. Period. It’s the Everglades map by {B.A.O}~RiskyWhiskey and it is good by design and the challenges it gives. The wetlands would be a decent name for this because it is just covered in mud and wet areas putting up quite the challenge when doing some … Continue reading