Map – Bridge Building

Author: Linc Source: This is more of an exercise map instead of a big exploring map. If you want to learn how to build bridges but you don’t want to spend a lot of time driving around the map to do so then practise on this map. Available in … Continue reading

Map – ProjectOne

Author: Schlammspringer Source: Oovee A map with an interesting starting point. You start on an island in the middle of the water. Getting to shore can be done but drive carefully. Nice build of the terrain with a few nice challenges like an unfinished bridge near the mountains. Trying to … Continue reading

Map – The Forest

Author: GotStuck Source: Oovee This is a hardcore map. No roads whatsoever. This is a make your own road kind of map. Lots of vegetation to get through which makes this a real challenging map to lumber transport on. If you are in need of a challenge get this map … Continue reading

Map – Overgrown

Author: A High Hamster Source: Oovee The title says it all. A map. Which is overgrown. A lot. Normal roads are almost non-existent and you get to explore the map through overgrown forest tracks and through bushes and between the trees. A map to enjoy if you want less tarmac … Continue reading

MAP – Dakar

Author: V12 Source: If you just want to drive around in the sand for a bit you will want this map. Lots of sand and dunes to drive on but be carefull. Do not go to fast up a hill or you will end up flying your truck into … Continue reading

Map – Proseka

Author: unknown Source: Big map with beautiful hills and valleys. A challenge to bring the logs from point a to b without tipping over or crashing into a tree. Latest stable by: King Unique

Map – Canyon

Author: no107064 Source: Zidon Download and enjoy a big big map with lots of objects to conquer. Hill climbs and even an insane bridge to get across. This map provides tons of fun for everyone looking for a good time in Spin Tires. Try it to know why i enjoyed the … Continue reading

Map – Serpentine

Author: unknown Source: This is a map true to its name. Long winding forest roads which go up and down and left and right. For those with fear of heights it might present another challenge besides logging 🙂 Latest stable by: King Unique

Map – Brooks

Author: Dmitry Shipitsin Source: Decent size map with a lot of room for exploring. And also, and this i like a lot, new objects like a actual hangar with a fuel point inside. All adding to the realism of the game. Nice job Dmitry! Latest stable by: King Unique … Continue reading

Map – Dangerous Firs

Author: Snay190 Source: Oovee This is quite a nice map with lots of treacherous mountain roads alongside steep hills and deep valleys. Lots of ground to explore. I did a quick tour for the screenshots but i am not finished yet exploring this new map. Can be used with the … Continue reading