Map – Test Cars

Author: unknown If you are building a new mod and want to do a quick test then you can use the Offroad map or now this new test map called Test cars. It is a very small map but it has a nice testing setup including a steep hill, mud … Continue reading

Map – Zero Point Test Area

Author: no107064 Zero Point Test Area is what the title says it is. A BIG testing area. Features custom object, awesome level design and a lot of ground to explore. There is something for everybody here when it comes to terrain. Normal roads, forest roads, trial tracks and then some. It’s … Continue reading

Map – The Ark

Author: Norsa The name says it all.. i think. The Ark is a fun map with something for everybody. Easy to drive sections and also sections where you need to keep an eye on your surroundings to plot a correct course.

Map – Bax 1

Author: Dmitry Sinitsyn Source: This is an interesting map for the more experienced users. It features custom objects and many challenges in the way the terrain is layed out. There is a kamaz on the map with a trailer to unlock the garage.

Map – Elki

Author: [email protected] Again a small map. Not the biggest of the bunch but still nice to use if you do not have hours to play. It has some though put into it so you do not get bored quick. Not really challenging which makes this a ideal map for a quick … Continue reading

Map – Dalniy

Author: h1zo This is not a big map. And it is limited as to where you take your truck but it does offer enough to keep you busy for a short while. Consider this map a light snack if you want to play but lack the time. Latest stable by: … Continue reading

Map – Hard Work

Author: Johnny_B The name says it all. This map is hard work. I explored it using the LR 110 from SID and it had a hard time getting through some of the parts of the map. Thick mud, roads covered in water, steep hills and roads covered with boulders. A real … Continue reading

Map – Nagorno

Tip: Norsa Author: Emre54 Source: I got a tip from Norsa that there is a good quality map at this Turkish fansite and he was right. It is called the Nagorno map and it is a good decent map to spend some hours on trying to get from A … Continue reading

Map – Project X2 + Prerunners

Map author: Blackwater_CA 96 F150 Prerunner author: BruteTerror Raptor Prerunner: SID This is a package deal. You get one map, improved Project X map, plus two trucks in 4 different skins. Two F150 prerunners and two raptor prerunners. Unzip the package and stuff it all into your Media folder and … Continue reading