Level – ResertyDambles

Author: NTSR Not much to say about this map. It’s a NTSR map meant for one thing and one thing only, roaming. No real logging to be done here. You can do that but seriously 😉 this map is about exploring new ways to slide sideways down a mountain side. … Continue reading

Level – Bogsloggy

Both of these levels are made with the standard editor and have NO custom objects or textures. The Terrain is 99.9% the same in both levels. They are intended to be difficult for logging!. ——————————————————————– level_bogsloggy_e (e == easy) has an open garage with unlocked, fuelled and healthy trucks. 1 … Continue reading

Level – Panymoles

Author: NTSR As Austin Powers used to say YEAH BABY YEAH. This would be his response to probably one of the best trail maps out there. It is built by NTSR using trail poles made by BruteTerror. It is a truly inspiring and addictive map. A word from its creator: … Continue reading

Level – Biverrig

Author: NTSR Tester: SID + crew And to start the day i got a new map by a known map maker, NTSR. Now the veteran players out there, including at least 1 Oovee staff member, know his maps are really detailed and realistic. And this new map is no less … Continue reading

Level – Rackywetsmoll

Author: NTSR In need of some heavy duty rock crawling and also wanting to get the wheels wet? Then download this map as it combines the two. The map is resembling a washed out valley with lots of roads to pick from. Boulders and rocks are everywhere, also underwater so … Continue reading

Level – Rackysmoll

Author: NTSR NTSR is a map wizzard who strives to create natural flowing maps. And he has succeeded once again by creating this seemingly small map. It might seem small but this is a hardcore crawler map. He is managed to automate the creation of a rock crawl map and … Continue reading

Level – Fladfloosh

Author: NTSR Description by author: This map (made with the standard ST Editor) is intended as a logging map for small logs,  there are many narrow difficult twisty  muddy single tracks which are only really possible (for logging) with a very capable single 6×6 truck, and you will need to pay attention … Continue reading

Level – WheerDite

Before you ask.. no, i have no clue whatsoever what WheerDite stands for. I do know one thing for certain and that is that this map is a blast. A new creation from NTSR who we know from the Oxbow level. And again he pulls it off. This map just … Continue reading

Level – Oxbow

Author: NTSR I got sent this map by NTSR to check out and post and i will surely do that. This map is real thought out. It features trailers parked on the map which first have to be retrieved to be able to do some logging. It features the usual default … Continue reading