Spintires Map – Lost in WA

Author – MoeRon 2 maps from Moe in 2 days! I really enjoy this map – Attention to detail is through the roof and lots of great trails to ride on. Go grab a capable rig and have a great time. Unfortunately, I don’t think we are getting a new … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Evans Creek Remake 2017

Author – MoeRon I never thought I would see a remake of such a classic map – Evans Creek. Moe definitely lost not lost the map making touch as this map is beautiful! Moe has the new rocks created by Spun and some other objects but that is not all. Lots … Continue reading

Level – NW Trails

Author: MoeRon In desperate need for some trailing? Wanting to bust your truck trying to make that climb onto that ridge? Feel the need to crawl your way through a dense forest on a twisted bumpy road? Look no further and download this map. It’s the latest creation from MoeRon … Continue reading

Map – Albi, WA ORV

Author: MoeRon Post text by author: Big thanks, SID for testing and feedback. Serious for testing and feedback along with adjusting XML’s to make the map proper. blackwater_CA for helping me get started. Albi, WA ORV is the name of the map. Staring vehicles are uaz, zil, ural, kraz, and … Continue reading

Level – Open Roads

Level – Open Roads

Author: MoeRon Source: here This is a nice map to have in your collection. The maps that are available now are mostly about trail or heavy-duty logging. This map features an open road theme which means long winding roads to go logging on. But don’t be fooled by the clear … Continue reading

Map – Evans Creek

Author: MoeRon Testing: SID, Brute, Serious, Hazzard Look up Evans Creek on YouTube to see some really great footage of an excellent 4×4 area. It has everything, from water crossings to rock crawler areas and everything between. And then download this map and have that same area in Spin Tires. You … Continue reading