Level – Bow water

Author: Minitor This is a must have level if you want to have realism in the game. The Bow water level does just that, it really immerses you into the game. I had a whale of time getting my trucks to their destination, figuring it which route would work best … Continue reading

Map – Billy Goat

Author: Minitor This is a nice map if you like twisty, narrow, steep, banked, rocky roads to try your lumber transport skills on. Not a big map but it offers hours of fun to test your driving skills on! ** Update 28-5-2015 : The level files were somehow misfiring. The … Continue reading

Map – Flattop Trek

Author: Minitor A nice challenging map for those seeking a more adventurous logging run. Steep hills, deep waters en lots of very well put together terrain. Not bad for a first map,not bad at all.