Map – Bax 6

Author: Dmitry Sinitsyn This is the sixth installment in the line of Bax maps. And this one is the biggest of them all so far. Lots of custom object used in the map making. From road signs to new bridges or road parts and buildings. Don’t be alarmed if the … Continue reading

Map – Bax4

Author: Dmitry Sinitsyn Source: Number 4 in the Bax map collection. And this one is perfect if you love lots of think unforgiving mud. In some places the mud reached ridiculous level imho but the map itself is still fun to explore.

Map – Bax 3

Author: Dmitry Sinitsyn Ok. Number 3 in the Bax sage. And it is situated in a wet forest with tracks that are muddy and nearly impossible to drive on without difflock. Very challenging logging map this with all its mud and wet tracks. I did not get very far but this … Continue reading

Map – Bax 2

Author: Dmitry Sinitsyn Bax 2 can be considered to be the bigger brother of Bax 1. It offers more challenges to get from A to B and it is quite tricky to navigate with rapid flowing waterfalls that will sweep your truck away if you do not plan ahead 🙂

Map – Bax 1

Author: Dmitry Sinitsyn Source: This is an interesting map for the more experienced users. It features custom objects and many challenges in the way the terrain is layed out. There is a kamaz on the map with a trailer to unlock the garage.