Map – High Desert

Author: Blackwater_CA Source: Oovee This is a really challenging map. It is ideal for when you want to do some technical driving instead of just driving along and doing some logging. I did this map with the Unimog SWB and it was quite a treat. There are parts of this … Continue reading

Map – Blackwater Raceway

Author: Blackwater Source: Oovee To be used in Legacy mode or latest stable version (9-3-2015) This is the must have map for those who just want to race around corners real fast, aka Nascar in the dirt ;). It is not  big but has lots of opportunities to plow your … Continue reading

ST14 – Blackwater Map

Author: Blackwater_CA Source: Oovee This is a real treat. The reason i used a Landrover Camel Trophy to test this map is because it brings back memories of watching these Camel Trophy adventures on tv as a kid. It is small but has all the content you need for a … Continue reading

Map – Blackwater Canyon

Authors: Map: Blackwater_CA 87 Jeep Yj   by SID with 1 beacon addon by BruteTerror  (Supervisor Truck) Peterbilt 379 With custom addons as well as stock by BruteTerror (Log Truck) Chevy Regular cab Dually With 5 addons by BruteTerror (Repair Truck) All Addons work in MP A map is so … Continue reading

Level – El Bosque Bravo

Author: Blackwater_CA Source: Oovee This is a must have map if you like dense grass and trees and paths that are not easy to drive on. The first hundred meters gives a real good idea of what the rest of the map is like. 11-1-16 Map updated to latest_stable by Vitaly … Continue reading

Map – Blackwater Mojave Green

Author: Blackwater_CA Source: This is, for now, the final map made by BW. And he goes out with a bang, this is a killer map featuring trial areas, rock climbing, dense forest, hidden sewage pipes to drive through and more. Not for beginners this map will keep even a … Continue reading

Map – Project X2 + Prerunners

Map author: Blackwater_CA 96 F150 Prerunner author: BruteTerror Raptor Prerunner: SID This is a package deal. You get one map, improved Project X map, plus two trucks in 4 different skins. Two F150 prerunners and two raptor prerunners. Unzip the package and stuff it all into your Media folder and … Continue reading

Map – Project X

Author: Blackwater_CA Available in legacy and latest stable version this is the Blackwater Project X map. Ment for fun and without any logging objectives. Just take out your fastest truck and start racing this map making big jumps! If you like what you see then please consider a small donation … Continue reading