Level – Aussie Outback

Author – Aussie4x4pro I think the best way to describe this map is the Moab map with trees. It’s is a decent map for a quick trail ride but really, I think it kind of misses the theme of being an Australian outback map. To me the ground texture is … Continue reading

Level – AussieRockPark

Author: Aussie4x4pro This is taking rock crawling to the extreme. Who needs trees and mud for crawling? This is just rocks upon rocks upon rocks. Really technical crawling map, better bring a vehicle that has flex and grip or you will not make it.

Level – Aussiewasteland

Author: Aussie4x4pro Source: Oovee Text by Aussie: HELLO EVERYONE Here is my awsome new map this is something new to me i have used custom texture i hope u all like the way i done this map was some time spent on it TEXTURE DONE BY VOTO1979 in this map … Continue reading

Level – Aussieworld

Author: Aussie4x4Pro Source: Oovee Text and screenshots by author. HELLO EVERYONE And welcome to my map this map is a very nice map it has a mix for everyone it has traling mudtracks logging and much much more IN GAME 1.two garage one locked 2. three fuel stop 3.five objectives … Continue reading

Level – Old Trails

Author: Aussie4x4Pro A nice trailing map filled with the following: 1 GARAGE 2 FUEL 8 CLOAKING 4 TRUCK SPOT Beginners and pro’s will have hours of fun on this map! Screenshots by Aussie4x4Pro

Level – Deep Valley

Author: Aussie4x4Pro Source: Oovee This map is a crawling map lot of crazy tracks LOTS of fun I have put logging in this for all u logging fans but i would use a small trucks few rock crawls IN GAME: !. Two garage one locked 2. three objective 3.one lumber … Continue reading

Level – Cape York

Author: Aussie4x4pro Text by author: HEY EVERYONE Ans welcome to my map capeyork i have been having so much fun making these map and hope u all are having the same fun with this map i have made it as a trial track twith a heap of hidden tracks IN … Continue reading

Level – Aussie 4×4 Deathroads

Author: Aussie4x4pro Source: Oovee Inspired by the Bolivian Death Road this is a map for those who like a good towing challenge or just to explore a trail to see where it goes. Also logging is possible on this map but who would want to go logging on a death … Continue reading