Searching for this.. request help

Hi there, i am searching for this legacy mod: Basicly this was a proof of concept made by a forum user called Tattoo in 2015. I have lost the file and need it in order to help mod makers create better suspension. If anyone stil has a copy of it … Continue reading

Voto 79

Author: Voto Source: Big ugly truck. But it has good pulling power and it can maneuver quite good despite its size. Changes: -Update chassis (animated and geometry) -Update texture -Replaced standard garage part -added support for standard transportation timber -added support crane -New addon garage has: -7 addons -Custom … Continue reading

Level – Proving 2

Author: DerEggen Source: Oovee Text from author: I tried to create a handy map to test new, modded or tweaked vehicles. I wanted to avoid some annoying habits of the “Proving Ground” but add some features I’ve been missing all the time. If you are do some modding or tweaking, … Continue reading

Mods and Maps update

Hello there visitors of this site. As you may or may not have noticed Spin Tires received a new update to version 23.10.15 This means two things. 1) Mods cannot be put into the new update. 2) Maps cannot be put into the new update. That may seem to be … Continue reading

Moving.. again..

You might have noticed the site occasionally has a time out which is never a good thing so i decided to move the site to a bigger badder server. This move is now being prepared which might or might not result in a downtime for more then just a few … Continue reading

Level – Open Roads

Level – Open Roads

Author: MoeRon Source: here This is a nice map to have in your collection. The maps that are available now are mostly about trail or heavy-duty logging. This map features an open road theme which means long winding roads to go logging on. But don’t be fooled by the clear … Continue reading

Server / site problems

Dear visitor, You might have noticed, if you come here often, that the site is sometimes sloooooooow to respond to requests. This we tracked down to sleeping and/or zombie processes which bog down the entire server until they are cleared and the site is up again. We are looking into … Continue reading

URAL 375

URAL 375

Author: Victor BVG Source: Yet another Ural 375 with a nice list of addons, good choice in wheels and really good texturing which might explain the download size. It just looks as good as it rides this truck. Worth the download.