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BTR-80 v13.06.18 for Spintires: MudRunner Vehicles Mod

BTR-80 Author – komissarovvv5


BTR-80 v13.06.18 Note

BTR-80 is a Soviet armored personnel carrier. It was produced in the early 1980s as a more advancement of the BTR-70 armored personnel carrier, taking into consideration the drawbacks of the latter in the Afghan war, and was meant for its replacement in motorized rifle soldiers. The BTR-80 got in mass production in 1984, and, being updated often times, since 2012, it is still in production. The current adjustments of the BTR-80 geared up with boosted weaponry, numerous specialists are categorized as wheeled infantry battling automobiles. It was utilized by Soviet soldiers in the Afghan war, and because the 1990s it has actually been the primary armored personnel carrier of the Army of Russia and numerous other previous Soviet republics and has actually been utilized in essentially all significant armed disputes in the post-Soviet area. Actively provided and exported, in overall, since 2011, the BTR-80 remains in service with a minimum of 26 states.


-2 of their add-on + 6 standard
-Animation of hatches, towers, trunks.

Version 13.06.18 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):

added 2 of their add-ons + 6 standard



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